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About Us

What We're All About

BETTER BUILT®, a WernerCo brand, is an industry leader in Pro value work truck equipment and jobsite storage solutions.

Since 1989, BETTER BUILT® has provided innovative truck and jobsite storage products for the value-conscious consumer. Thoughtful product design and the newest manufacturing technology help BETTER BUILT® create products that are designed to fit your budget. Known for their security and durability, our products help working professionals create a life BETTER BUILT®. Our product lineup includes truck tool boxes, truck and utility vehicle accessories, transfer tanks, jobsite storage chests, and piano boxes.


Our Values

Making a point to be better than yesterday, constant innovation is a big aspect of our business.

The acquisition of the BETTER BUILT® brand assets by WernerCo aligns with our commitment to customer safety, product durability, productivity, and is a natural fit with the company’s mission to serve the professional end user.

As WernerCo looks to the future, we envision continuous improvement in all areas of the business, as well as an aggressive schedule of new product introductions that are driven by end-user research to help contractors keep their tools safe and keep equipment organized for optimal productivity on the jobsite.