SLE Low Profile Crossover Box

$810.56 $810.56
PART #: 77013069
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Measuring Your Truck Bed

Pro Tip: Ensure It's the Right Fit

It is important to verify the dimensions of your truck before placing your order. This quick video walks through proper truck bed measurement so you can be 100% sure you're ordering the Better Built tool box that best fits your truck (and your needs).

Have doubts about the fit? No worries, just contact us. We are happy to assist.

About The SLE Series

Designed entirely in-house, Better Built spared no effort to fashion the Shotgun Latch Elite Series into our most fully realized Aluminum Truck Tool Box. The SLE series of boxes is the newest generation of the Better Built truck tool box. The front facing, quick-pull trigger style latches make it easy to open the box from the side of your truck while providing a more secure locking system.

Multi-Divider System

What’s better than a Better Built SLE Series tool box? How about a Better Built tool box with custom compartment configuration? The multi-divider system comes with four removable slats that let you create handy individual compartments unique to what you store inside your truck box. Find these handy multi-divider systems on all SLE Series tool boxes.

Interior Lighting

The stylish interior LED lighting makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, even after the sun goes down. Interior lights turn on when the box is being opened and automatically turn off when the box lid is closed. No wasted time and no wasted batteries. Find these handy interior lights on all SLE Series products.

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