Here at Better Built, we understand the importance of always moving forward. That’s why our nearly three decades of manufacturing truck tool boxes have been dedicated to improvement and innovation. We believe the best things in life are still those that take time to craft just right. We combine our commitment to quality with the need to pioneer the newest technology for our customers. Now some may say that our attention to detail is overrated, but that’s why they’re not Better Built.

Our Values

Quality. Innovation. Value. These are our guiding principles and what separate Better Built from the other guys. Providing a quality product starts with using the highest quality materials. Better Built truck tool boxes are built to withstand whatever you put them through and are guaranteed to last. Making a point to be better than yesterday, constant innovation is a big aspect of our business. Our engineering team is constantly working on the next industry exclusive feature to create the hardest working truck tool box on the market. With everything we put into these truck tool boxes, the biggest benefit to our customers is the value. Better Built prides itself on offering the highest quality truck tool box while still being affordable to the consumer.

These are our core values and they're incorporated into every one of our products. From the every day Crown Series to the high-end SLE Series, quality, innovation, and value all combine to make your Better Built better built.

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